Training Tracking

We have a show this Friday, June 14th at Circle A with Scrimshaw at 8pm. This is my training progress for the month. Full black lines represent one hour of a music task, a mixture of; vocal lesson playlist singing, piano and signing (with metronome), guitar and signing (with metronome), guitar strumming (with metronome). Each hour of activity is broken into two focused 25 minute sessions with a 5 minute breaks in between. I usually alternate between singing exercises and piano / guitar playing. While working just on vocals I can move around more and stretch out a bit.

I don’t usually ‘train’ this hard for a show. At most I’ll practice an hour or two a day, for a week or two before the show. I started in earnest in the middle of the month, shooting for 4 hours on my days off and 1 hour on work days.

This was an experiment to see if I could noticeably improve in a month. I think I did. I’m interested to see if anyone else notices any improvement. I haven’t told the band I was doing this. So far nobody’s said anything.

training schedule

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