Live at Circle A, Friday June 14th, 2019

photo by Blaine Shultz

Jonathan Burks – guitar and vocals
David Gelting – bass
Nathan Kilen – drums
Didier Leplae – guitar

all songs by Jonathan Burks

recorded live at Circle A on June 14th, 2019


Light it Up, Any Port in the Storm, Holding Pattern, In the Wind, Off the Stone, Paid, You and Me, Flutter and Wow, Game Over, Getting Low, Money Pussy Weed, Shadow of Light, Let the Right One In

recorded live at the Circle A on Friday June 14th, 2019

“… Jonathan is in the Circle A basement mixing up his medicine. If Jonathan Burks ‘ particular genius fell in a forest, everyone crammed into Circle A tonight would hear it. Imagine if the character of “Coney Island Baby” came to life and wrote songs. Or imagine a Peter Laughner with less than half the guile. Which would be twice more than half the guile of Tom Verlaine, whom JB resembles a bit, although … forget it, let’s not go there and just leave it at that. Or imagine Jandek without the weight of “the act.” Burks’ tunes could be songs he made up walking through the park on his way to work in the morning, if that walk had the occasional chorus, sing-speaking in a Midwestern drawl that is a cousin to Coney Island Lou. Somewhere, out there, must be a calculating individual who could take JB’s songs and run them up the hipster flagpole (whatever that means) and Money-Tiiizzze them to sell a widget — yet we can thank the Gods of Hoodo that Burks’ music remains a province all his own. Didier Leplae managed to make his cheap, masonite guitar sound like something other than a guitar much of the time, without attracting undue attention (that is a compliment). He was symphonic in a b-movie budget way. Add a rhythm section paying attention, to build tension and release within the songs that rely on minimal structure. The public domain lo-fi videos, controlled by JB’s remote and projected on to a sheet hung by clothes-pins was the perfect touch. Ending with his own take on “Stand By Me” Burks and band offered up the appropriate tribute to to Roky Erickson, even if they did not realize it. If someone had the foresight to record this set then you, sir or madam, manged to capture, as the man says, lightning in a bottle. (thanks to Mr. Setser for suggesting a review.) “

Blaine Schultz June 15 at 12:19 AM

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