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I’m still struggling to get into a daily text-writing habit. I’m not going to worry about posting anything on a regular basis, as long as I’m doing one hour of writing every day. One hour a day till I’m dead. That’s the goal. I will keep at it and play with the routine until it’s solidified. And keep at it till it’s solidified.

Identify obstacles and develop workaround: WHERE

A sort-of-legit excuse is the overabundance of furniture and stuff where I live. I have a roommate, who owns the house, whose never around. I basically have the place to myself. It’s the best living situation I’ve ever been in (hands down) but it does have some drawbacks. I don’t own any of the furniture/stuff here so I can’t just take it to Goodwill or cram it in the basement.

Over the past few years, I’ve aggressively downsized my possessions. At my last apartment, for a month or so before I moved out, the only furniture I had was a yoga ball and a folding chair (I ate dinner squatting on the floor like a jungle person). It’s a bit hoarder-y here. There are five desks in the house but they’re mostly unusable. Every surface is at least partially covered. My bedroom is small and the bed is huge (I used to sleep on a twin mattress on the floor. Yep, single-as-f***) so there’s not much extra room to ad hoc or Jerry-rig a workspace. And I can’t set up a permanent work area anywhere else in the house.

When I was in songwriting mode at my last apartment, I built a desk/workspace that I really loved. I put a desktop from an actual desk on top of a keyboard stand and behind it I nailed up a half dozen clipboards. Simple and effective. That way I could clip-up my works-in-progress and bounce around between them without having to flip through several notebooks. No more wasting time looking for the song I wanted to work on instead of working on it. But it also meant that works-in-progress were always displayed prominently in the kitchen, all up in my face.

A separation of states, working and resting, is the ideal oscillation. But you have to make do with what you got where you’re at. So I lived in my creative stink and tried my best to let the songs go when I wasn’t in writing mode. Now I have whole house to myself, plenty of space to separate, but limitations on how much customization of the space I can make.

I’ve been trying to write in my room, cramped at a desk, hunched forward, sitting on a yoga ball. There was a more traditional desk-chair in my room that was comfortable, but it was bulky and took up space. And wasn’t great for my posture (the yoga ball takes up a lot of space as well but I can toss it on my bed when it’s not in use). The desk that came with my room is kinda low for the yoga ball so I end up hunching forward on it, negating any yoga ball related posture advantages and distracting me from the task at hand.

So for now, I’ll experiment with writing in different locations in the house and see how it goes.

update: problem solved

I got creative with the stuff in my room and carved out a comfortable writing space at a traditional desk with a traditional chair like a normal person. This actually suits me much better than moving around the house. Although I’ll probably still shake it up from time to time.

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