One Thousand Words

I’ve decided to use 1,000 words as my daily writing metric. That’s what Stephen King does. He’s been writing 1,000 words a day for decades and describes the process as a kind of ‘creative sleep’. It doesn’t feel like sleep to me. It feels like work. But it’s a workable work and I think I can stick with it.

I’ve been at it for about a week now (5 days, I checked). It seems to take me about 40 minutes to write 1,000 words. I had been doing two 25 minute sessions of writing on my days off and (shooting for) one 25 minute chunk on workdays. 1,000 words will be a bit more to manage on workdays, but I can hack it. Might have to split it up into before and after-work sessions.

Eventually I’d like to start putting together proper essays, cohesive thought out pieces. But for now I’ll keep my daily writing practice as loose as possible (and private) and continue to post here once a week or so, I’ll publish the highlights (more accurately – the midlights), anything I might want to revisit or re-purpose. That’ll force me to read back through everything.

2019-07-31 to 2019-08-09

-cast a wide knot

-hypnotizing myself through habit until I cluck like a competent duck.

-Is re-framing pain / suffering a different process that growing numb to it through repeated exposure? Are they related in some way? The dumbing down of pain / suffering through repeated exposure – is that a kind of biological / spiritual re-framing?

-Note to self – use questions in your writing more. Is there a more visceral way to frame ideas, to instigate thought?

-really like Shane Parish’s thinking on goal setting vs. habit formation (note to self – look up his writing on writing). Goals can be too easily derailed. Habits are form-able linchpins. Once you get them built, they’re set and forget. Habits operate themselves.

-flock of geese
no orchestration, just orchestrated

-I think I figured out how to frame my ‘Song Book’ project. I’ll keep posting songs to ‘Weekly Song Post’ , and keep making albums, using ‘Song Book’ as an aggregator for all the various versions of songs and writings and photos and art and relevant data. An open-ended digital multimedia Song Book. Each song will have a ‘page’ – a node, a web page, connected via hyper-links.

-glints of metal among seagulls and stench

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